Friday, May 21, 2010

A little background

So.  A little background.

I'm SERIOUS about this wedding.  Meaning, I've been into wedding planning for way longer than I care to admit.  Growing up, I read those wedding magazines and cut out my favorite rings and dresses, as if I was making my own lookbook or whatever it is brides nowadays make for inspiration.

When a serious relationship was taking a turn towards marriage, I started reading wedding blogs: Offbeat Bride, A Practical Wedding, 2000 Dollar Wedding, Once Wed, Snippet & Ink...I was ready to have a unique wedding, with tons of fun personal touches.

Well, the relationship took a turn in the opposite direction entirely, and while I felt like I was going to die at first, it turned out to be the best thing that could have ever happened.  I met someone else, fell in love, and yes, I'm marrying this one.

The first month of our engagement was, in a word, crazy.  We jumped right into wedding planning because:
1) Most of my family and friends are coming from far away, and we wanted to give them ample time to plan.
2) We wanted to give ourselves ample time to plan because I wanted to do a lot of projects myself.
3) His mom insisted on it.
4) Who am I kidding?  I was SO EXCITED to get started!!!

So within a month, we picked a date (for 14 months later) and booked a venue.  The venue was all-inclusive, so that means we also picked a rental company, caterer, and menu.  So much was done!!!

But then the drama set in.  The drama will likely be explained in other posts, but for now I will say that we scrapped all of our plans and are starting over.

So I'm seizing the opportunity to record the process from the (new) very beginning!

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