Thursday, June 3, 2010

Newlywed Registration

Instead of going to barbecues and picnics (I wish), Richie and I used the long weekend to pack, take an inventory of our stuff, and register.

We ended up having a great experience at Macy's, and registered for most of our stuff there.  We found some nice everyday China (which I didn't realize was so pricey until I was scrolling through the website today!), since we've both been using our IKEA/Urban Outfitters stuff from college (don't get me wrong, they're cute dishes!).  We also registered for all those registry must-haves* like a KitchenAid and non-stick pots and pans.  But the most exciting item of all?

The waffle maker:

...the CIRCUS SHAPES waffle maker!!!

We weren't so hot on Macy's stemware, linens, or towels, so we figured we'd go somewhere else for those.

So we went to Bed Bath & Beyond the next day, where we were less than thrilled with the experience, but ended up registering for some good stuff anyway.  Like this lasagna pan:
We had lasagna from this pan at my uncle's back in December and, while it could have been the recipe (which I'll ask him for), the lasagna was delicious.

And then, because when we told his parents that we registered at Macy's and BBB they wouldn't shut up about how amazing Crate & Barrel's registry is, we hopped online and picked out a few items there, too.  The most exciting thing there was probably this badboy:

We registered for two (one for guac, one for pico-- we're serious about our Mexican food).

What's funniest to me is that all three of these items cost the same amount of money.

*So.  About the "must-haves."  One of my biggest fears in starting this new home with items picked out at stores and purchased by loved ones is that we're going to end up with this totally vanilla, totally reproduce-able home.  Although she was a pleasure, the woman helping us at Macy's looked SHOCKED when I said that we would not like to add a set of matching mugs to the dishware set.  I have mugs.  I like my mugs.  I like that they're not a set and that they don't match.  I'm emotionally attached to each one.  I still want kitschy housewares that I find at thrift stores.  And funky knick-knacks I get at HomeGoods.  Have newlyweds ever lost their personal signatures in their homes due to registering for (and receiving) mass-produced goods for wedding gifts?  I hope not.  I've never wanted my house to look like a catalog.  I want it to look like a magazine spread, featured for its uniqueness and beauty.