Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A'brewin (from 8/13/2010)

[from Maro Designs]

So, as I discovered during a round of dress-up last night (see yesterday's post), I do not own an off-white woven leather belt anymore. I didn't wear it very often, and when I did, it was only okay (which is why I didn't wear it often). So during this last move-- or was it the one prior?-- I donated it. I hope someone else loves it and doesn't think it's only okay.

And for a quick wedding update (so much progress!), the following items are in the works:
-Reception venue
-Save the dates

AND...I won another contest!!!  (Another two, actually, but one I'm keeping hush-hush until I know more about it.) While not a huge prize, I won a kit of felt lips, mustaches, and glasses on sticks to be used as props in photos (pictures above). Not sure if they will make an appearance at the reception yet, but they will certainly be fun to have around!

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