Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bridesmaid Questionnaire

I'm not having traditional bridesmaids. In fact, my brother is going to be my Best Man (it took him a while to wrap his head around that one). I would, however, like two of my close friends to be something like bridesmaids, even though I'm not sure what that means yet. So, to help me decide (and for some fun), I wrote up a questionnaire and sent it to them.

I broke the questions up into four sections:
  • Favorite Things: this is for help making decisions about the reception (music, food, wine, etc.) and any kind of presents I plan to get them as a thank you. For example...
    • Favorite Song
    • Favorite Cocktail
    • Favorite Color
    • Tupac or Biggie
  • The Weekend: for their wedding-related activities the weekend of the wedding (mani/pedis, hotels, sight-seeing)
  • The Big Day: readings, speeches, hair, make-up preferences
  • Getting Personal: allergies (to food or jewelry), best and worst gifts/favors they've received, special talents/places they'd especially like to help out

I was so amused with their answers, I almost feel like they've already done their maidenly duty.

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