Friday, September 17, 2010

On Your Dress Not Fitting

 [from Island Bride Jamaica-- with tips on how to fix a stuck zipper!]

Or, On My Dress Not Fitting.

Um, dress doesn't fit. See if this makes sense to you:
  • I tried on the dress at the shop
  • It was a 6, and fit almost perfectly (a little tight)
  • I ordered an 8.
  • While waiting for the dress to arrive, I lost weight.
  • The dress came, and I can't even zip it up.
  • The brand has since discontinued the style, and now the company I bought it from won't take it back or exchange the dress.

First, 3 ways to avoid this mess:
  1. DON'T get a dress from Alfred Angelo
  2. DON'T order from a third party, even though it's cheaper/you had a horrible experience at an Alfred Angelo store.
  3. DON'T order a dress that's about to be discontinued.

      Now, 4 things to do with a dress you're not going to wear and can't return:
      1. Give it away. A few wedding bloggers have started this pay-it-forward type trend of passing on their wedding gowns to brides-to-be. Check out A Practical Wedding and 2000 Dollar Wedding.
      2. Sell it. (they charge $25 for the listing until you sell it), Once Wed, Recycled Bride, ebay, amazon, craiglist...
      3. Donate it. Not to be confused with giving it away, where brides write in to say why they want/deserve the gown, donating it means putting it in a big bag and schlepping it your local donation center or drop-box. There's also Brides Against Breast Cancer, Operation Prom*, and Donate My Dress.
      4. Tear it up and make something new. The skirt part fits, so maybe I could take the bodice off, work some magic, and have a pretty, lacy skirt. Or get more extreme, and use pieces of the dress as decoration at our wedding...or make a Halloween costume for the cat**...
      While I would love to get some warm-fuzzies from giving my dress away or donating it, I gotta say, I really need the money from this dress to go to the next one (or the food at our reception). Maybe after everything is said, done, and paid for, I'll do that with the dress I actually wore.

      *At my junior prom, I remember this one senior showing up in this HUGE, white ballgown. It must have been a wedding dress.
      **I would never actually do that.

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        1. Blargh. I am so frustrated about the whole wedding dress shopping experience.

          I need a good dressmaker in my area and a lot more money than I have alotted for the dress... This should not be so hard.