Thursday, October 14, 2010

57Grand, Part III

Over the summer, I won an awesome contest.

Project Wedding and 57Grand teamed up to give one lucky wannabe-stylist three bridesmaids dresses.

That wannabe was me.

Even though the wedding has come and gone and the ladies over at 57Grand knew (because they found this blog! How cool is that??), I'm still getting the dresses because I won fair and square.

All of the dresses had to be the same design, but they could be any color (offered in said design) and size (no bridesmaid diets here!). So I had the ladies browse around and get back to me with their top dress choices. Only one design made all three lists, so that's the one I selected.

[The Hudson in Peacock and Bordeaux-- two chose peacock and one chose Bordeaux]

I think everyone is going to be very pleased with their gift. The Hudson looks like it's casual enough to wear during the day, but probably can be dressed up easily, too.


  1. This is so cool! I love that your ladies still get pretty dresses even though you eloped!