Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Being Green = Not Easy

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Over the weekend, I made a little trip to Michaels. I needed some finishing touches for the card box I made (for the party Richie's parents are throwing us) and whatever other goodies I could find. I spent some time in the wedding aisle (Ha, aisle. Get it?), and was amazed that a DIY mecca such as Michaels only had two eco-friendly items in the wedding department (well, blatantly eco-friendly, but from looking around, there wasn't much else that could qualify-- so much packaging!).

They were both the same brand, I Do! Green. One was a pack of little favor boxes made out of recycled material, and the other was a pack of little favor baskets made out of recycled material, both perfect for little tiny candies or whatever your heart desires.

These are great ideas, and I'm happy to advertise them* here. But what I really want to point out is the lack of products available to brides, grooms and wedding (and party) planners to reduce waste. So, I'm going to start tackling that issue from time to time. Maybe weekly? I don't know. But I'll feature products and ideas to make your wedding (or life celebration) just a little greener.

No matter what colors you choose.

*This is completely unsolicited and uncompensated.


  1. I'm generally a bit suspicious of products labeled eco-friendly in places like Michaels for fear of green washing. Generally a product at a place like that only has one eco component, which doesn't exactly make it environmentally friendly.

    But I'd be interested to see what kinds of things you turn up.

  2. That's a really good point, Ms. Bunny! There really needs to be more transparency when it comes to "green" products.