Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photo Album

Does anyone have a favorite website for photo albums? Or any tips?

Here's what we're doing:
  1. Upload all of our pictures to Shutterfly (using this because my mom gave us a coupon code to get one album free!). We only have about 50, so we really don't have much editing to do.
  2. Our photographer sent all of the pictures to us (as digital files) in chronological order, so we're leaving them like that. I think it helps with the flow of the book. Ceremony...kissy faces by the pond...posing by a tree...kissy faces in the Shakespeare Garden...
  3. Rearrange however necessary. I'm keeping them in order, but because I chose the "Simple Path*" option where they dump the pictures into the book for you--instead of you placing each one in each slot--some pictures are oddly cropped and they require some love and attention.
As for stylistic details like the color of the pages, I selected one called "Versatile Classics" because, well, that sounds good, right? But I'm still going to play with other options like "Modern Portfolio" and "Dune." I'm trying to keep it classy, you know?

Once we're happy with our album, I think we'll just order a few and give identical ones to our parents. Because we're working with so few pictures, I think it's fine to give everyone all of them.

It definitely makes it easier.

*Also known as the Path of Least Resistance, which, I gotta say, if often underrated.


  1. we dont' have our pictures yet, but we may give blurb.com a try. let me know how your experimenting goes.

  2. I LOVE the ones for iPhoto - I had my study abroad photos printed on a coffee-table style book from Apple on the iPhoto app and it's SO easy. Not sure if you've already done this or not (by the way, JUST found your blog through Angie & Sarah and really excited!)