Monday, October 11, 2010

Planning Our Elopement: Accommodations


1. Pick a date/time/location for ceremony
2. Write our ceremony

3. Buy wedding rings
4. Find a wedding dress

5. Book a hotel room
6. Find accommodations for the cat

7. Get our marriage license

There's really not much to say regarding finding accommodations for ourselves and our cat, Percy.* I left the hotel booking up to Richie because he knows more about NYC than I do (he did some of his undergrad there), and I was busy trying to find a dress. He picked Brooklyn because we both like it, and we could stay in a nicer place in Brooklyn than Manhattan. We ended up reserving a room (on Wednesday for Thursday-Sunday) at Hotel Le Jolie in Williamsburg, and you can check out my Yelp review here.

As for Percy's vacation, all we did was turn to Google for places in the area. There's one kennel next to my office, but their Sunday hours are impossible (and that's when we were returning), so that was a no-go. We found another one that was a bit more expensive, but their hours were much more convenient and they had really good reviews. Perhaps the hardest part of the entire weekend was getting Percy into his carrier on Thursday when I got home from work (I called Richie almost in tears because I just couldn't get him in the carrier, and the pet resort was closing in 20 minutes).

*Okay, so we were only gone for three nights, which I don't think warrants a kennel stay for a cat. But we recently rescued Percy, and he has some behavioral issues-- especially when we leave for long(ish) periods of time-- that we really didn't want to deal with on our wedding weekend. When I called the vet to have them fax his medical records to the pet resort, the woman was like, "People don't send their cats to kennels!!" And I said, "Oh, that's funny, because this kennel has a special rate and all sorts of amenities for cats. Do you think they meant to write 'dog'?"


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