Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Planning Our Elopement: License to Wed

1. Pick a date/time/location for ceremony
2. Write our ceremony

3. Buy wedding rings
4. Find a wedding dress

5. Book a hotel room
6. Find accommodations for the cat

7. Get our marriage license

Going to Clerk's Office on Friday morning was when we realized that this was "meant to be." We got up early and went downstairs to enjoy our hotel's continental breakfast. The coffee was great and I discovered a new favorite cereal, so already the day was awesome.

We took the subway to the Clerk's Office, and even though we initially went to the wrong building, we were quickly pointed in the right direction and got there in no time. The line to get our number was really short and joyous. People were there with their families, all dressed up, waiting to get married! It was awesome. And there were also people like us, just there for paperwork.

The waiting area of the office is really nice, with couches and TVs showing the news. There's also a wall with a blown-up picture of the front of the building meant for taking pictures, and people sell bouquets of flowers right in the hallway, too.

The guy that processed our application was really pleasant. We couldn't believe it. We made it a point to tell him how shocked we were that the process was so smooth! Get in line, get a number, sit on a couch, get your license. Just like that.

Our license was issued at 10:35am on Friday, September 24th, so that meant that we could get married anytime after 10:36am on Saturday, September 25th, because NYC has a 24-hour waiting period (which you can get waived, in certain circumstances). The license is valid for 60 days (except for active military personnel).

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