Thursday, October 7, 2010

Planning Our Elopement: Rings and Dress

1. Pick a date/time/location for ceremony
2. Write our ceremony

3. Buy wedding rings
4. Find a wedding dress

5. Book a hotel room
6. Find accommodations for the cat
7. Get our marriage license

I was about to write that buying our rings was the easiest part, but almost everything was so easy, I honestly can't pick an easiest part!

We comparison shopped at Blue Nile, James Allen, and Brilliant Earth. We just wanted plain, white gold bands-- which simplified things A LOT-- so all three sites had similarly priced rings. Really, what it came down to was Blue Nile had ridiculously quick shipping times-- overnight, in fact. So that was that.

The dress was a little bit more difficult. Because of the time constraints, I actually set out to find a cute summery dress-- not necessarily white or all that "bridal" at all. After work on Tuesday, I went to a local vintage shop, a boutique, White House Black Market (click for my Yelp review), Loft, and Marshalls. I was so tired and hungry (and sad) by the time I came home...empty-handed.

Since I was really running out of time on Wednesday, I sped over to a bridal shop on my lunch break. I asked the ladies if they had anything I could buy off the rack, and one associate escorted me upstairs and started pulling gowns out. One of them stood out because it was flowy (perfect for a very warm day!) and not too embellished. I tried it on, and wouldn't you know, it was perfect!

...Well, except for the fact that it was long, and I really wanted a short dress (I love my legs). The associate said that they could alter it, no problem. I told the associate about our plans to head up to NYC on Thursday night and get married on Saturday...that meant that I needed the dress by Thursday evening (yes, the very next day!!!). She ran off to talk to the seamstress, and came back saying that I was in luck!

I'm DEFINITELY sending them a thank you card.


  1. WOOOOT! 9/25! Send me elopement photos if you want--I'd love to feature you! xoxox

  2. Loving the blog... :)'s nice to know the details!