Friday, November 12, 2010

My Wedding Checklist at 7 Months

 [Me and my would-be best man. He's obviously making some ridiculous point.]

If we hadn't eloped in September, today we would be exactly seven months out from our wedding.

No, I don't keep a tally of this in my head. I'm actually still on all of those mailing lists for brides planning their weddings. I do this because I still like to blog about weddings and-- to be completely honest-- have wanted to be a wedding/event planner my whole life and try to stay in the loop about trends and ideas that I was on these lists as a "professional" before even getting engaged.

So anyway, I got an email from one of those services (which, while helpful in some ways, usually do more of a disservice to brides because it makes them think that EVERY LITTLE DETAIL is important when really that just can't be the case) telling me:

Nina, with 7 months to go, don't forget to:
  • Pick the perfect bridesmaid dresses with the bridesmaid dress finder.
  • Explore the bridesmaid bouquet gallery for ideas and inspiration.
  • Check out the bridal party channel for advice on picking your bridesmaids.
  • Send updo inspirations from one of the hairstyle galleries to your bridesmaids.
  • Get a head start on saying "thank you"-- start shopping for the perfect bridesmaid gift right now!
  • Is a traditional shower not really your style? Read up on fun alternatives .
  • Dress your bridal party in the hottest styles. Check out the Celebrity Wedding Blog for Brides for the latest Hollywood style inspirations.
With seven months to go, I guess it's important to turn your attention to your bridesmaids. If we were getting married in June 2011, this is where I would be regarding my attendants (going by the bullet point, from top to bottom):
  • The dresses: I was going to ask them to wear whatever dress they wanted. Really.
  •  I might actually go ahead and explore the bouquet gallery, but would probably go for farmer's market flowers the day of (or the day before) anyway.
  • My bridesmaids were already selected. They were going to be my best friend fron high school, my best friend from college, and my brother was going to be my best man (and I was going to ask him to wear whatever suit he wanted).
  • Updo inspiration? They were going to wear their hair however they damn pleased! Who knows how long/short their hair would be anyway?
  • The dresses I won were going to be their presents, and I was going to get my brother a fancy silk tie with other dapper accoutrements like cuff links and a tie bar.
  • I definitely didn't want a traditional shower, and honestly didn't expect to get one because my friends (and especially bridal party) are so spread out around the country.
  • I don't really care what celebrities are doing. And really, because they're celebrities, they are guaranteed to have way more money than I do or am willing to spend on the wedding.
Like I said before, those checklist emails can be helpful (say, for the bride that has no idea what she's doing), but also harmful (for brides that know and don't alike) because they:
1) Stress you out. When you look at all the things these emails tell you to do, your To Do list grows exponentially.
2) Convince you to spend money/time/energy/precious resources on things you might otherwise have never considered.
When, in a nutshell:

You're welcome.


  1. I'm working really hard to just stay away from most wedding stuff. I read APW and other awesome blogger friends that I've found, but they're all involved in life and not insanity. It helps me stay calm and centered in what I/we want, what I/we care about. This is a great reminder for that!! Thanks!

  2. Yes very yes. I'm now almost 2 weeks away and probably haven't done the stuff I was "meant" to do at 6 months out.

    Big whoop. It is real scaremongering and quite destructive.

    Here's to thinking for ourselves. I wish we could tell more woman to do the same (without telling them what to think obviously!).