Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Party Animal

AAAAHHHH! I've been gone for a while. (Sorry about that.) And in my absence, Richie's parents threw us a reception to celebrate our marriage! And it was lovely.

My parents and my great uncle and aunt flew in for various lengths of time during the week/weekend, so even though I took some time off for it, I definitely didn't have any free time.

When I get some professional pictures, I'll be sure to share them, but for now, here's one of me and Richie that my mom took:

 I love this picture.

I decided not to wear my wedding dress because:
1) It wasn't requested. In fact, in the weeks leading up to it, most dress code conversation was about if I had a dress yet, so I think I just went with the flow and didn't really consider wearing it.
2) It was cold, and my wedding dress is very lightweight and flowy.
3) I scored this adorable retro-looking Maggy London dress at a consignment shop recently and really wanted to wear it.

And may I just point out how cool my necklace is? It looks like it's glowing, but that's just from the flash because it's clear. I found it that very afternoon when my mom and I went to get our makeup done. She bought it for me. Hooray!

Along with the pro photos, I'll share a couple DIY projects I did for the event.

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